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What is the "3rd Age?" It's that transition time from Perimenopause to beyond (starts in your late 30's). It's a time when women are changing their roles--whether from being mother's to becoming grandmother's, to changing your role in the workplace. Energy levels shift. Sleep sometimes seems impossible. Weight management is challenging.  Self-care has perhaps gone to the way-side. 

"Goddesses never age. Your best years are ahead."--Christine Northrup

But not to worry. It does not have to be a story of deterioration into menopause. You can be a vibrant woman in your community. You can feel energetic, strong and sexy!  Yes, I said it. You can be all of that and a green smoothie!

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Third Age Wellness 2 Week Reset Detox

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."--Maya Angelou

Suffering from any range of these? 

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • fatigue
  • feeling of unexplained sadness
  • poor sleep
  • pesky weight gain around the middle
  • poor digestion
  • joint pain

An elimination diet of even just 2 weeks can help you jump start that transition. Sometimes the foods we eat (or don't eat), the lifestyle that we lead, the sleep that we get (or don't get), and the movement we might not be doing enough of, may all be sources of losing our sense of VITALITY. Call it a Detox, Call it a Cleanse..........Let's call it a RESET button, not a starvation diet. If you're looking to jumpstart your health as you head into this life transition period, or you're just looking to stay well.......VIEW WORKSHOPS below to get more information about the upcoming Third Age Women's Wellness Reset Cleanse. 

Take this quick Hormone Balance Quiz to see if you might have some symptoms that would indicate that a Reset Cleanse might be a good idea for you.                               If you answer YES to at least 2 of the questions, you are a good candidate.

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