3 Month Women's Resilience Program

Woman's vitality.jpg
Woman's vitality.jpg

3 Month Women's Resilience Program

from 397.00

Ready to open a new door to a fabulous new you?

This program is designed to provide you full support towards the goals that are important to you. Are you feeling stuck? Low energy? Loss of feeling ALIVE?  Feeling like you want to make the next step but not sure how? 

Perimenopause (starts in your mid 30's ladies!) into Menopause and beyond can stir sensations of wanting something different for yourself. Is it your time to take a leap into the unknown?  Then Women's Wellness Resilience Program is for you.

Pricing Option:
Become a Client

What's Included:

  • 3 one-hour sessions in the 1st month, with a woman's health coach (in person or via skype or phone)
  • Detailed review of your health history and health and/or nutrition goals
  • Two 15-30 minute follow-up sessions for Accountability Coaching, 1x/week for the next 2 months (via skype or phone)
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations as needed
  • Referral to outside providers as needed
  • Unlimited email contact throughout the 3 months 


$397 per month or $953 one time payment

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