Jump Start 14 Day Reset Plus Strength Program


Jump Start 14 Day Reset Plus Strength Program


Eating Right and Getting Physical (physical, physical, let's get physical---Olivia Newton John anyone?)

The Jump Start 14 Day Reset Plus Strength Program is just a step above to get you feeling Stronger, Boundless, Confident.

It includes all that is available in the Jump Start 14 Day Reset Program. And in addition to this, it includes movement (exercise/yoga) and stress relief tools to get you feeling good all around. All of this is designed just for the power of SHE.....bone health, detox, energy resilience).

Ready to build Resilience, Strength and Vitality?

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The Jumpstart Plus Program

What's Included:

  • 14-day Food and Activity Diary App--Free to start $45 value

  • One 60 minute review of your goals, needs, and health history with Tianna (Week 1) $135 value

  • One 30 minute Zoom or phone call for follow-up revisions and accountability with Tianna (Week 2) $75 value

  • One 30 minute Zoom or phone call for follow-up with Tianna for the next steps to take (Week 3) $75 value

  • Paleo shake mix, which includes a blend of protein, fiber, antioxidants, essential nutrients and herbs to help your system eliminate waste (+ enzymes to help you break down and digest food and rid your system of unwanted toxins and shaker bottle)--good for 2 weeks of shakes $180 value

  • Virtual pantry evaluation to help you read labels and examine the contents of common foods in your pantry (if needed or desired) $50 value

  • eBook for recipes and healthy eating tips $20 value

  • Unlimited email correspondence with Tianna throughout the 3 weeks (priceless)


  • Supporting handouts and 1-2 videos with exercises and/or yoga (+ Theraband) $100

  • Live + recorded guided imagery to help you create your vision of your future self $20

  • Live + recorded body scan for stress reduction $20 value

  • BONUS: 30-day FREE trial of the online/app personalized exercise training program, FITSTAR $40 value

Possible Benefits:

  • Increased energy and improved mood (I'm so tired)

  • Improved digestion (I feel bloated and gassy. I'm not pooping regularly)

  • Decreased symptoms of PMS (if you’re still having a cycle) (My breasts are really tender right before my period. I feel sad and irritable all at the same time)

  • Improved quality of sleep (I wake up tired. I have trouble falling asleep)

  • Decreased negative symptoms of menopause (I can't seem to get a good nights sleep without Ambien. I am hotter than a summer in Las Vegas. Tired, oh so tired)

  • Discover food sensitivities that may be a source of difficult weight loss, mood changes, fatigue and pain (I feel fat and bloated. I'm lost and overwhelmed. And did I mention I'm tired?

  • Weight loss (From where did that belly bulge appear?)

  • Improved sense of balance and strength (it's getting more difficult to even get up from the toilet!)

Investment: Value = $740 for only $319

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