FREE 7 Day Checkup

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FREE 7 Day Checkup


FREE 7 Day Health & Lifestyle Checkup with Tianna

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FREE 7 Day Health & Lifestyle Checkup

Tianna will enroll you into a Free app where you will track 7 days of:

  • Food & Hydration Intake

  • Activity/Movement 

  • Sleep Amount & Quality

  • Digestion

  • Meditation or Prayer

  • Mood/ Emotional States

At the end of 7 Days, set up a FREE 30min Discovery Session with Tianna to discuss what might be keeping you from feeling Amazing and what you might already be doing that is likely keeping you feeling Vibrant. 

Why would you want do this? 

Tracking your daily habits, moods, sleep and digestion can give valuable insight into possible things to address in order to get you feeling Vibrant and Healthy again. 

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain in Health & Wellness

It's FREE! ($100 Value)

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